Hybrid RAID Cloud Architecture

Hybrid RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Datacenters) Cloud Architecture
An IT Architecture for the Cloud Era

RAID Cloud Architecture (RCA) is a revolutionary IT Architecture (a collection of one or more data centers) based on the same proven design as Storage RAID systems. The design goal is not incremental improvements, but radical improvements; 300-400% cost savings, infinite 100% availability, rapidly massively scalable, and maximum efficiency.  A major difference of RAID Cloud is that it is not designed ad hoc, the complete Architecture design is known from the start before a single server or router is purchased.

Current IT Architecture design is to order the number of racks needed to support initial requirements and some additional empty racks with a Right of First Refusal and when the company has enough resources a backup data center will be added.  The problem with this process is that the end result is usually not a cost effective design, it just continues to grow ad hoc as projects are added and gets less cost efficient, more complicated, unreliable, and difficult to manage. Most companies never get big enough to afford a backup data center, a 100% redundancy cost, and if they do the backup datacenter is designed completely differently than the primary so it’s useless to test against the primary.

A RAID Cloud Architecture STARTS with design combination of 3 or more (preferably 6) Datacenter Modules (DM). A DM is a 1 to N rack complete configuration of routers, switches, servers, storage, etc. DMs are linked by Layer 2 connections to create a single logical Architecture.  In a six DM design the first two DMs should be located very close together and close to the main Enterprise office for low cost point to point connectivity from the office and to each other and to create the first Datacenter Cluster for RAID1c redundancy.  Assuming for budgetary reasons they need to be built as needed, the third datacenter should be in the Center of the US, the fourth on East US, the fifth in the Center US, and the sixth East US to create 3 Datacenter Clusters and a 16% redundancy cost not the usual 100% redundancy cost .  The Datacenter Clusters are created to support live vmotion and storage replication for 100% availability

RAID Cloud Architecture (RCA) is designed to be Cost Effective due to higher virtualized resource and datacenter space utilization and smaller less expensive components. Using multiple data center colocation and bandwidth vendors for each Datacenter Module provides leverage for cost negotiation and price protection. The modules are a small cookie cutter designed to be inexpensive.

RCA is designed for infinite 100% Reliability by using many multiple co location and bandwidth sources. Using Global Server Load Balancing an entire data center can be down for maintenance or service failure and only cause a loss of capacity, not availability.

RCA is Scalable. As more capacity is needed more DMs are added until 6 DMs are created. As more capacity is needed beyond six each DM can be quickly increased in size. Because DMs are generally built as needed they are contracted over time so if less capacity is needed DMs can be decommissioned.

RCA is Efficient, DMs are designed to be quickly configured, usually in under a week, and all the components are the same so the configurations can be duplicated.  Multiple duplicate DMs allow testing of new versions of system software without affecting an entire Architecture. Multiple DMs also provide swap space to upgrade systems, in a single datacenter space has to be left open to install new systems or significant downtime has to be scheduled to support in place upgrades. RCA is based on a heavily virtualized infrastructure so capacity can be quickly added. In addition to low cost connections DMs are located close together and close to the office so multiple DMs can be visited with minimum travel. Estimates of $20k+ annual savings  in driving time alone for the LA Area.

New Technologies and Services that support RAID Cloud Architecture
DCB, TRILL, SSG,  AWS live vmotion, live storage vmotion,

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